Public Services

The municipalities are the main units of local government administration in Norway. They are responsible for kindergarten, primary and lower secondary education, social services, municipal roads, water and sewerage and zoning regulation.

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The local administration receives their revenues through local taxation, fees and local business management, and partly from allocations from the central authorities and other public institutions.

Elected councils govern the municipality, and elections are held every four years.

In Tingvoll there are three kindergartens and three primary schools; in Straumsnes, Meisingset and Tingvollvågen. The school at Meisingset teaches 1st - 4th grade, while the other two offers a full run till 10th grade.

Tingvoll vidaregåande school, run by regional authorities, offers secondary education.

Services for health and social security is situated in a building in Tingvollvågen, next to Kommunehuset. In Kommunehuset you will find the mayor, the head of administration and the executive departments for technical, cultural and business issues.

Tingvoll municipality offers a wide range of services for elderly and needed people. You can get regularly help in your own home, you can get a special apartment, or you can have a bed at the local hospital.

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