Eco Municipality

Innover Tingvollfjorden fra Hammarsetra | Fotograf: oab
Tingvollfjorden fra Hammarsetra fotograf oab

Tingvoll commune declared to be an "eco-commune" by 1990, facing the challenges from the Brundtland Commission. Giving environmental education to the local administration and politicians was the first step, then we started recycling household waste, implemented school projects, got a friendship town; Bunda in Tanzania, and many more projects.

We have since the 1980's worked to substitute the use of electricity for heating building with other more sustainable energy resources by including hot water pipes in every new public building. Ten years ago we got raised a plant for burning biomass and sorted waste to heat the system. The technology was sadly not the right one, and these days we try to rebuild the plant to use ordinary biomass only.

In schools, sports houses, youth clubs and more we lately have implemented new technology using the Internet to switch on/off light, heating and ventilation. Outdoor lighting has got the first modules of "intelligent management", reading the amount of natural light to adjust the use of artificial lighting. This for reducing electricity consumptions, but also to improve the quality of public places and streets.

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